Second prototype has arrived
We have developed improved FT spectrometer v.2.

The new prototype has a metal case providing the spectrometer with additional vibration protection.
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We developed first prototype
In 2014 we have built a first experimental prototype of the laboratory Fourier Transform UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer. It was born with support of Skolkovo foundation.

Ergonomic and compact design is convenient for daily laboratory use. The achieved technical characteristics will become a ground for preparing a serial model.
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History of the Project
First Fourier transform UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer prototype was created at the Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of the Russian Academy of Sciences based on the original idea of Dr. Serguei Palto in 2004.

The prototype proved the efficiency of the novel method of interferogram processing and allowed us to go forward with the development of a commercial version of the lab Fourier transform spectrophotometer.
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The novel approach to mirror movement and interferogram processing provides a unique opportunity to use all of the benefits of the Fourier transform spectroscopy in visible and ultraviolet spectral range
Our Mission    

The novel approach will allow building a unique spectrophotometer - compact, comfortable, cost effective, able to operate in an unprecedentedly wide spectral range - from the near infrared to the vacuum ultraviolet.

For the first time for this spectral range all the advantages of Fourier transform spectroscopy will be realized within a single device: high accuracy and acquiring rate, wide dynamic range, high spectral resolution.
Our Team

Fourier Photonics is a synergy of academic expertise and youthful endeavor.

Our team is comprised of qualified professionals with unique experience in R&D projects realization.

Our technical and scientific leader is Dr. Serguei Palto, a physicist of world renown, the author of the new design of the Fourier transform spectrophotometer.

Artur Geivandov, PhD, founder and CEO, manages the company operation.


The world analytical instrumentation market has been showing strong growth.  

Average annual growth of the world market of spectroscopy is 5-10%.

Geography of the market: EU, USA, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia.

The total market for our technology is estimated as $2.5 billion per year; the direct market for the lab Fourier spectrophotometer is $1 billion per year.